The 5 most coveted jobs in healthcare

The healthcare industry is a thriving area for people at all levels of their career. Whatever your skill-set and experience, there’s bound to be a role for you. There are multiple jobs in healthcare, in particular, that would appeal to creative and digital enthusiasts. Being specialist roles, there is a skill shortage; these jobs are in high demand and typically have significantly higher salaries.

If you’ve come from a medical or scientific background you may find that transferring your knowledge to a new industry will give you a fresh and exciting challenge. 

We’ve put together a list of the five most coveted jobs in healthcare right now to help you discover the right role for you:

1. Medical Writer

A Medical Writer’s job is to present complex scientific/medical information in a clear written format, making data easy to understand for the general public and healthcare professionals. There is a high demand for Medical Writers within the healthcare industry. Candidates for Medical Writer roles can use this to their advantage, being able to ask for higher salaries and job benefits.

Expected Salaries: 

  • Junior exp. £25K
  • Midweight exp. £40K
  • Senior exp. £50 – £70K

What skills do I need to become a Medical Writer?

  • Advanced written skills
  • Excellent research skills
  • A Life Science Degree, a PhD is ideal but not always needed nowadays.
  • The ability to present complex data in an easily digestible format
  • To be able to translate medical jargon
  • Have a great understanding or previous experience in the medical/scientific/pharmaceutical industry
  • A thorough understanding of relevant regulations and guidelines
  • An interest in a particular therapeutic area

2. Account Manager 

The job of an Account Manager in a healthcare agency is to organise and manage various accounts (clients), acting as a main point of contact, completing sales and nurturing relationships. It’s important for Account Managers to be highly organised, as it’s their responsibility to make sure deadlines are met and keep on top of client communications. This is a great role for those interested in customer relations and business strategy.

Expected salary: Between £30-45k per year

What skills do I need to become an Account Manager?

  • Excellent time management skills
  • A background in healthcare/medcomms (medical communications) if working in a healthcare agency
  • Be highly organised 
  • The ability to multitask
  • Great communication and people skills 
  • The ability to persuade and negotiate
  • The ability to communicate with people at all levels of a business; from junior to senior
  • The ability to spot business opportunities
  • The ability to manage client expectations and contradicting needs within a team

3. Account Directors

The role of an Account Director is to manage a team of Account Managers, overseeing their daily responsibilities. They will make sure that the level of customer service/client satisfaction is excellent. An Account Director is a great position to aspire to for any Account Manager looking to progress to a more challenging, well-rounded role.

Expected salary: Between £45-£65k. 

What skills do I need to become an Account Director?

  • Understanding the needs of customers or clients
  • The ability to manage and motivate a  team efficiently
  • The ability to paint a big picture for an account and sell the client on a long-lasting vision
  • Great communication and people skills 
  • Previous experience in an Account Management or senior sales role
  • A background in healthcare/medcomms (medical communications) if working at a healthcare agency

4. Planner/Strategists

A Healthcare Planner or Strategist’s job primarily consists of long-term goal planning. They conduct upfront research, then use their findings along with their expert knowledge to define the reasoning behind campaigns. They establish which work needs to be prioritised, allowing the team to work in the most time-effective way possible. 

Expected salary: Between £30-£60k per year.

What skills do I need to be a Planner/Strategist?

  • Excellent research and organisation skills
  • A proactive approach to working
  • Great analytical skills 
  • The ability to multitask
  • Great communication skills 

Hot Tip: ‘Planners are hot in healthcare. Due to healthcare planners being in-demand, you can obtain a great yearly salary’ – Julie Ollerton

5. Designers

Unlike the other roles, a Designer working in the healthcare sector doesn’t need to have extensive knowledge of the medical/pharmaceutical/healthcare industries. They could be employed by a hospital, GP surgery, or healthcare agency. The kind of project a designer could work on could be anything from graphic displays of health information such as leaflets to envisioning UX (user experience) design for a hospital website. 

What skills do I need to work as a Designer in healthcare?

  • The ability to present key information in an eye-catching and engaging way
  • Translate medical jargon for the general public
  • A good understanding of the institution you are creating content for 
  • Previous experience in graphic design or UX design

‘Designers generally don’t need medcomms knowledge, but I have seen people graduating from Shillington ( a graphic design college) after doing a medical/scientific degree and I always recommend they focus their first job search on medcomms agencies’ – Phil Cookson 

Interested in a healthcare role?

We hope you have a better understanding of the type of roles available for creatives in the healthcare sector. If you want to find out more about a specific role or have any questions, our friendly team here at Creative Resource are always here to offer our expert advice. 

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