Super Bowl Ads Review

So last night was the Super Bowl, with a huge number of brands paying up to a reported $5.6 million for their spot, means there are huge expectations. So which ads stood out to our Director, Phil Cookson, who is a big NFL fan –

Hyundai’s ad Smaht Pahk –

I really enjoyed Hyundai’s send up of the Boston accent. Now I understand if you aren’t familiar with the Boston accent this ad might not make as much sense, but as a former Boston resident this brought back so many memories and made me laugh, and yes I can confirm they do say ‘wicked’ a lot! Also check out a funny little behind the scenes spot called Dialect Coach with David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz

Google’s ad Loretta

This was a very touching piece about how Google can help people in their everyday lives, featuring a widower using Google to remember things about his late wife, Loretta. I must admit, this was a really touching piece that had me shedding a tear, it’s beautifully done, I dare you to watch it without getting emotional. Also, interestingly it was done entirely in-house.

Jeep’s ad

A great ad which brings back Bill Murray playing his character from Groundhog Day, along with a number of characters from the film. A nostalgic piece with a humorous tone, which links really nicely with the brand, and who doesn’t love Bill Murray right?!

There’s so many ads to choose from the Super Bowl, which ads stood out to you?


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