STAY or LEAVE? The Brexit Debate and Manchester

I have absolutely no hesitation in proudly saying I’m firmly in the STAY camp when it comes to the Brexit debate, I frankly would be happy to dance around the rooftops of Manchester waving the EU flag and shouting VOTE STAY.  A fear of heights and slow recovery from a recent broken leg prevent me.  I’m not going to bang on about the economic precipice we teeter on or bemoan the frankly xenophobic nature of the LEAVE campaign.  Instead I’ll pose a question I asked of the venerable Dave Carter last week.

I was at a Digital Leaders Salon and Dave fascinated us with his insight into the North West’s Digital DNA. One thing that struck me whilst he was talking is that there had been a huge amount of collaboration with other European countries in the 30 year or so timespan he discussed. Oh and a huge amount of inward investment, all leading to Manchester being one of the leading digital 2nd cities in the world.  Would all this have happened if we hadn’t been in the EU? I really didn’t think so.  So I stuck my hand up and asked Dave that leading question, the answer was a resounding NO.

So what would Manchester outside the EU look like?  What wouldn’t we have now and what might we miss out on in the future?  I’ve a rather long list of my thoughts you’ll be delighted to know I intend to share.  But what does Manchester think?

By Julie Ollerton


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