New Year’s Resolutions

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? We have some personal ones;

Amanda’s new year’s resolution is to say no more (but not to Julie, thankfully!)

Jayde’s is to lose a stone, we don’t think she needs to but hey!

Hannah’s is to read more books (she’s started with the Life changing magic of not giving a ‘hoot’, so watch out)

Rosie’s is to learn to drive, starting with her theory test.

Becki’s is to follow the ’10 to Zen’ and slim down for her wedding dress!

Phil’s is to train his new puppy, Oscar (he thought it would be easy he, he)

Jane’s is to cook more but we’re not sure her heart is in it.

Julie’s is to set some personal goals – that’s all she’s willing to say but she does annotate it with watch out world!!

If your New Year’s resolutions include either growing your team or finding yourself a new job here’s a bit of help and advice.

Recruitment is cyclical and in our sector January to February is one of the busiest times of the year.  It stands to reason that those candidates who apply at the start of the cycle have a greater choice of roles. For clients, leaving new hires until the end of the cycle can mean that the best candidates have already gone. So here are some tips to help you.

For Clients
1. Clearly define your job brief before you start to interview; it will help you to figure out some competency based questions and help you make decisions based on experience and skillset.
2. Clear time in your diary so that you don’t have unnecessary delays between 1st and 2nd interviews. It’s frustrating and a waste of your time if the candidate you really want accepts a job offer elsewhere because you can’t move quickly enough.
3. Think outside the box a little; there is a shortage of experienced people in our sector. What can you compromise on? What can you easily train?

For Candidates
As we’ve said before getting a new job is a job in itself and it’s hard to do this if you’re working full-time. So try to get prepared…..
1. Set aside some of your annual holidays to go for interviews. Tough we know but if you’ve just had your new holiday entitlement accept that you’ll need to use some of it. It’ll be far less stressful and more productive if you do that rather than try to juggle a very busy day with getting to an interview.
2. Make sure your cv and portfolio are ready in time for the New Year, then you’re good to go. Keep cv’s informative and easy to read, potential employers do want to know where you live, how best to get hold of you and what you’ve achieved.
3. Write an outline for a covering letter but be prepared to do your research and adapt it every time you apply for a job. Potential employers hate to receive what they feel to be generic applications.
4. Clearly identify what you want from your job move; is it more money, more responsibility, shorter commute etc, it works to have a sort of shopping list. Prioritise the must haves and think about what you are prepared to compromise on. It will really help with your decision making further down the line.

Good luck and don’t hesitate to get in touch either through the contact page on this website or via

Happy New Year!!!!!


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