Preparing for a New Year Job Hunt in December!

At this time of year, we usually expect work to die down a little for us, what with Christmas quickly approaching and our clients and candidates having other, festive, things on their mind.  It’s usually not until January when we begin to see a wealth of new job vacancies and new candidate applications, too.

However, we’ve been taken by surprise in the past month or so, after being briefed on a much larger number of roles than usual. Lots of advance planning going on!  So we are looking forward to what the New Year will bring and know we’ll be talking to some fantastic new candidates in the New Year.

December: A Time to Reflect

For many, December is a time to look back on the past year and think about what we love about our lives and what we’d love to change.

Your career is an integral part of your happiness. We spend so much of our lives at work, so if you’re dreading the thought of starting the new year in the same job, maybe it’s time for a change.

January is one of our busiest times of the year, so if you’re planning on landing yourself a new job for the new year, it’s well worth planning ahead and getting started with your preparations this month. You could take a break from those mince pies and get prepared for the job of getting a new job!

Preparing for Your New Year Job Hunt

Here are a few of our favourite words of wisdom, to help you clear your head and kick start your job hunt.

  1. Think about why you want to leave your current role

Have a really good think about what aspects of your current role you’re not happy with. What do you want to change?  Is it the people you are working with, the work you are doing, the commute, salary, boss from hell?  Make a list and make sure you don’t replicate the same issues in your new job.  Talking things through can really help you to get a clearer picture of your wants and don’t wants.  Friends, family or one of us will help you avoid the things you dislike about your current role.

  1. Optimise your social media profiles

This has become increasingly important in the past couple of years or so. More and more employers are choosing to have a look at their candidates’ social media profiles before choosing whether or not to hire them. Take the time now to update your details and remove anything that could cost you the job offer. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s just LinkedIn that you need to consider – each of your social media profiles could fall under scrutiny!

  1. Do you have a portfolio?

Get to work on your portfolio if you need one!  Don’t leave it to the last minute, we know what perfectionists you are and you don’t want to miss the opportunities there will be in January.  Telly is rubbish over Christmas, be ruthless and be descriptive – you know what went into a piece of design or a campaign, include an overview in your book. It’s a major part of our job to review portfolios so get in touch if you need objective help and why not take a read of our blog on the seven commandments of a creative portfolio? 

  1. Get Researching

You will of course do lots of research ahead of an interview – won’t you?  For now start thinking about what would inspire you, sectors you’re really interested in, etc etc.  Open up your mind to new possibilities, there are companies out there you will never have heard of because they fly under the radar.

  1. Do some prep

Don’t keep just adding to your old cv, take a completely fresh look at it and start again. What have you achieved in your current role?  What new skills have you learned?  If you’re a creative consider a designed cv.  This is your opportunity to sell yourself, oh and we’ll help you review and tweak your cv too. Read our advice on crafting the best CV Is it ages since you’ve been for an interview? We can help you with interview preparation too!

  1. Take a look at our current vacancies and get in touch

Although we’re expecting a fair few more jobs to come up in the New Year, it’s well worth taking a look at the jobs we are currently recruiting for. We are still accepting applications for many of these and they can also give you a feel for what sort of role you’re hoping to go into. Not only that, it can help us to understand what you’re looking for, and help you get a head start in the new year.  We always brief registered candidates ahead of advertising new jobs.

If you have any questions about the job application process or preparing yourself for a new year job hunt, feel free to get in touch! We are more than happy to help.


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