Four Creative Recruitment Predictions for 2018

The creative and marketing industries are booming and there are plenty of areas that are ever-changing and improving, to adapt to the wants and needs of companies. With a new year, comes new opportunities both for the industry and the roles within it.

I’ve highlighted some of our predictions for creative and marketing recruitment in 2018, from some of the trends we’ve been seeing here at Creative Resource through 2017, and through conversations we’ve been having with agencies across the North West.

1. The rise of video

The growth of video content is going to continue increasing in popularity. In fact, research from Digiday discovered that 94% of publishers in Europe plan to increase their video output over the next year. With this in mind, both Social Media & Content professionals will be required to develop their skills around video, along with their understanding of how it can be used effectively to drive engagement. Companies will also need to improve their resources to cater for the rise of video content, through the hiring of more Motion Graphics Designers and Video Editors, from in-house creative teams, through to Integrated, Social and PR Agencies.

We’re also beginning to see more Designers with experience in channels such as Snapchat, a skill that is expected to pique the attention of more and more employers in the coming year. If you’re a traditional Graphic Designer looking for something to make you more attractive to potential employers, our advice would be brush up on your After Effects!

2. The growth of inbound marketing

The impending GDPR regulation in May 2018 is going to further drive the growth of inbound marketing. This in-depth insight from Luminate looks at how inbound marketing is set to outshine and, even possibly eradicate, outbound marketing in the aftermath of GDPR regulations.

With consumers having more control on whether to opt in or out of data collection, more brands are expected to shift their focus further towards content creation in order to drive inbound traffic. This trend is already beginning to develop, as we’re seeing more and more brands and agencies utilising inbound marketing software, such as Hubspot.

3. More integrated agencies developing social strengths

There’s no doubt that the world of social media has grown exponentially in recent years. In fact, a recent report from Hootsuite and We Are Social found that global social media usage increased by 21% throughout 2016, totalling 2.8 billion users. It’s this trend that has sparked the growth of social media agencies over the last few years.

However, it appears that integrated agencies are starting to bite back and we expect that this will continue throughout 2018, with more integrated agencies growing their social & content teams, offering more one-stop shop services to clients. In fact, Smart Insights has detailed 10 trends within integrated marketing to adopt over the course of 2018.

4. Increasing numbers of in-house creative recruitment

This isn’t a new phenomenon, but it seems to be re-emerging from the same trend that happened a few years ago. With this recent uptake in introducing creative teams in-house, brands are far more willing to acknowledge that they still need agencies to complement their in-house resources and to work together.

For a few years, there appeared to be a rivalry between in-house teams and agencies, so much so that industry professionals struggled to decide where they were best suited. In reality, however, both in-house and agency teams hold valuable skills that one another can benefit from.

Together, the multi-skilled agency team members and the in-house brands experts can create a fully integrated campaign strategy that covers all aspects of marketing. This shared responsibility allows the company to utilise all available resources.

Find creative marketing jobs in Manchester

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Don’t forget to check back again in the new year, when many companies will be taking on new employees. We have a couple of guides over on our blog that you might find useful, with tips on preparing for a new year job hunt in December, as well as how to utilise the 12 days of Christmas in your search for a new role


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