To the Next 25 years of Creative Resource!

“This is not about us…this is about Manchester.” – What a fantastic night last Thursday was! I was absolutely delighted to see so many friends – both old and new – come to help us celebrate 25 years of working with the Manchester creative industry, at what was the most fabulous venue, Texture in the Northern Quarter. For those of you who sadly couldn’t make it, here’s a little roundup of how it all started and what happened on the night…

Where it all started

I was just 25 when my late husband, Steve, and I started the business (guess what big birthday I had this year!). We had an office just off Cross St, with one phone between us and no tables or chairs! We sat on the floor for a couple of weeks and thought, this is it, when we bought an electric typewriter – How times have changed!

We absolutely love working with the creative and digital industry and wanted the event to be a celebration of all that makes Manchester and the North West such a fantastic place to work and live. We worked out a really interesting fact a couple of weeks ago (or at least Phil did – I can’t take credit for it); Over 20% of the people we’ve helped to find new roles this year have come from outside the region. Some are returning home and others have been drawn here by everything the city has to offer, both professionally and culturally – “A brain drain in reverse”, as Bruce Thomas, Founder of Modern-English, likes to call it!

The night itself

We gathered with family and friends, both in and out of the industry, to eat, drink and listen to some fantastic talks surrounding creativity, digital and Manchester itself. Here’s just a snippet of some of the inspiring and influential words we heard from the professionals.

Bruce Thomas, Modern-English Digital

“Manchester is being taken very seriously now, not only as a national player, but as a global player.”

Ex-musician, Bruce, entertained us with his talk, The Revolution will be Digitised, which looked at his journey from the music industry all the way through to where he is now in the digital sector. He kindly let us show a clip of him singing with his band for Granada Reports, recorded the same year we started the business – on the condition that we destroyed all evidence afterwards!

Ian Patterson, NCC Group

“It’s about who inspired you and who you can inspire along the way.”

There was a great presentation from Ian Patterson, Digital Transformation Consultant at the NCC Group. We were unfortunately unable to see his originally intended Pecha Kucha presentation on the night; however, I think we’ve managed to persuade him to let us share it. Believe me, it’s something not to be missed – let’s just say it includes The Gherkin and a Microwave (watch out for the SlideShare!).

David Campbell, SLG Marketing

David Campbell filmed and shared two fantastic videos, that frankly had the room in stitches. Once the room had calmed down, he took to the stage and gave a fantastic talk that compared craft with ideas, all whilst looking at some well-known campaigns. He also shared with the room, the story of School of Thought, a great initiative that has been introduced to the UK, to help creatives blossom!

Trevor Johnson, Havas Lynx

“If you look around you, you can find inspiration.”

The evening was brought to an utterly inspiring end, as Trevor took us through a veritable visual history of Manchester design. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife, as we were shown some magnificent designs, including that of the Hacienda and Madchester.

A great, big thank you

A big thanks to Capital FM’s, Nige ‘The Wingman’ Clucas, who hosted the evening in inimitable fashion, calming me down when I had a spot of stage fright. Thanks Jane Pugh for the pep-talk – For 5 minutes I believed I really was fabulous!

A huge thank you to Danny Jewell, an extraordinary magician who wowed and amazed everyone at the event, with his spectacular tricks.

Thank you to Micah Purnell for providing us with his fantastic local art to share with everyone at the event.

Thank you to everyone who joined in and made use of our tweet wall and #MCR25 on the night! We thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s takings from the evening – here are just a few from the many…

Jamie Ollerton @jamieollerton

“Spending the evening celebrating 25 years of @Cr8tiveResource – still remember stuffing mailers when I was on my school holidays! #MCR25”

John Whalley @John_Whalley

“OK it’s all about #MCR25 but there is still at least one Scouser in the room – congrats #creativeresource”

Nick Hurley @nickhurley

“@Cr8tiveResource thanks for such as top notch night!”

Andrew Windle @JAndrewWindle

“Brilliant & inspirational evening @Cr8tiveResource congratulations on your 25 years in this wonderful city #MCR25 #designthinking”

And last but not least, thank you so much to everyone who came to celebrate what has been a wonderful 25 years! Here’s to the future!


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