Coronavirus Update

We are fully operational and whilst some clients have understandably placed recruitment on hold, others are continuing to interview via telephone and video.  We are assured that new starters will be able to work remotely.

There is no doubt the creative industries have been rocked by this.  Redundancies have already been made and many freelancers have had most if not all of their bookings cancelled.   Agencies with clients in the worst affected industries such as leisure and hospitality and those who offer events services face a torrid time in the next few weeks.

Two things I have read this week have stood out for me.  James Crawford, owner of PRAgencyOne James Crawford tweeted …….”First priority is my team.  Hold your nerve.”   I’d like to stand at the top of a very high building and shout this through a very large megaphone.  An irrational fear of heights will probably stop me.  Many of you will have spent a lot of time and money building a great team, I know I have.  They are brilliant and our shortest serving member of staff has just had her 5th anniversary.  I cannot stress enough the lengths I will go to, to keep that team intact.  When the work starts coming in again we’re going to be a strong team, refocused and ready to deliver new initiatives and crack on with existing ones.

Phil Lewis on LinkedIn said …”every business can find the courage to fight back. We take the view that if there is another recession, it isn’t obligatory to participate in it.”  He’s running a Webinar series called Recession Rebellion and I’ll be tuning in.  I don’t think he’ll mind me sharing the registration link

Stay safe, practice social distancing without fail, self-isolate if you should do, see you on the other side of this.


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